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VS OFFICE FURNITURE (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD (547387-K) has a long and interesting history. Formed in 1987, the Company started out as a conservative cottage industry; providing office furniture solutions to its local based clientele. By emphasizing on attention to details and offering the finest finishing at a competitive prices, its brand names; VS and EZ slowly marking a presence and become a buzzword of the town.

As demands and product satisfaction incrementally skyrocketed, it fueled the need for the Company to have a more dynamic outlook and market presence. Expansion on production facilities, head-hunting suitable candidates to spearhead all vital departments and adoption of new technologies were all in the cards.

These development has then prompted the Company to expand into export market and in a short span of 10 years, VS Office ranges of products has successfully penetrated almost every regions around the globes with the strongest market presence being in Middle East, Africa and South East Asia.

As VS Office strives to be the most preferred brand for all product segment, product development is a continuous process. New brand name such Tropicalline and VITO were then conceived; offering a complete office furniture package to the clientele.

Today, with accumulation of 20 years of experience in office furniture industries and a strong market presence, both locally and internationally, VS Office being a Malaysian Manufacturer, Distributor and Dealer, today has become the leading and preferred brand for office furniture.


To provide quality and innovative products that meets our customer’s needs. This is acquired through the best and prestigious synergistic partnerships which inadvertently meets international specifications for our products.

Customers are assured of prompt production and delivery of quality products through our well-established network.

World-class technology and self-reliance are baseless without brains that work ardently to produce high quality products. People are our real assets, whom we nurture and harness to get the very best out of them.

To progress with the trends and demands of time, we endeavour to continually upgrade technology, allowing us to optimize resources, thus bringing down the cost of production.

We recognize that profitability is essential in sustaining our growth and maintaining our product quality.

In our relationship with our clients, with our innovative and distinctively crafted designs and delivery of services, VS Office Furniture will always be in the pursuit of the excellent and the avoidance of the average.


VS Office is committed and is working towards to achieving a fully environmentally friendly Company with main intention to inflict minimal or no harm to the environment. Implementation of the Green concept is carried out continuously on the goods, services, policies and all other related areas whenever, whereever possible.

Some of VS Office environmentally-friendly measures include

  • Procurement of raw materials from FSC certified sources
  • Adoption of machineries that improves energy efficiency, minimize air and noise pollution and reduction of production of pollutants
  • Proper production planning to minimize energy and raw material wastage

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